Severance Termination Payment – What you need to know

Notice to Employees of the Program Administration (PA) Group and the Education and Library Science (EB) Group)

  • On March 1, 2011, new collective agreements were signed for the Program and Administration Services (PA) and the Education and Library Science (EB) groups. As part of the new terms and conditions of employment for those groups, employees must decide how and when they choose to receive their severance pay.
  • When the new severance termination provisions of the new collective agreements take effect, on June 22, 2011 for the PA group and July 2, 2011 for the EB group, the severance pay will no longer accumulate in the case of employee resignation or retirement.
  • The new collective agreements allow for three severance termination payment options. Important questions and answers are available at the hyperlink below to help you understand the severance payment options that are available to you.
    • Please note that you will have to send your Regional Compensation Office a completed form with your chosen option by August 31, 2011.

For more information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions, visit the In-the-Loop message on this topic:

*hyperlink is only accessible via DFO’s Intranet site

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