Acting Assignments

Acting Assignments (affectation intérimaire) – means a situation where an employee is required to perform temporarily the duties of a higher classification level for at least the qualifying period specified in the collective agreement or the terms and conditions of employment applicable to the employee’s substantive level. (Definition from the Treasury Board Secretariat website)

Acting assignments are opportunities to gain experience and to enhance learning.  However, in some circumstances, acting assignments continue for much longer than originally thought or intended and then a sense of ownership can lead to an emotional attachment to the assignment.  If this happens, the temporary aspect can become lost and the termination of the assignment can be a traumatic experience for the employee when it ends.  Local 70713 is actively pursuing reasonable methods of avoiding these kinds of attachments.  It is vital that all parties often reinforce the temporary nature of the acting assignment contract and it is essential that acting assignments not be allowed to continue beyond the contract date (except in unusual circumstances).


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