WorkForce Adjustment and the Alternation Option for Employees:

There are several options for employees affected by the WorkForce Adjustment Directive.  One of those options is Alternation which is a job trade arrangement that occurs when an opting employee who wishes to remain in the core public administration exchanges positions with a non-affected employee (the alternate) who wants to leave the Public Service.

Some conditions must first be met before a job trade can be considered, such as both employees must work at the same group and level. As well, difference in salary range can be no greater than 6%, and the Deputy Minister must approve alternations where the salary range difference is between 4% – 6%. Any job trade is also subject to a number of levels of approvals.

Please refer to the email sent to staff on March 14th from the Deputy Minister’s office that describes how the Alternation Program will work at DFO, including links to various forms and internal web pages with more information.

Some members may want to participate in this program and are looking to access the Transition Support Measures (TSM) that are part of the WorkForce Adjustment Directive.  The TSM is a significant part of the WorkForce Adjustment Directive and the dollar value is calculated based on continuous employment* (each completed year).

*The definition of continuous employment can be found in Part 5 of the Terms and Conditions of Employment for the allowable breaks between periods of service: .

Each individual who is interested in the alternation program should consult with their HR Advisor to determine their continuous employment for the purpose of the TSM.

For a definition of Transition Support Measure and Education Allowance:

Other important links:

Treasury Board Secretariat’s Alternation Forum:

Preparing to retire from the Federal Public Service:

Technical information about the Alternation Program (National Joint Council Directive): You may also contact your regional Human Resources Services Unit.

Meanings of opting and surplus, and work force adjustment:

To get more information about your pension benefit entitlements, please use the Compensation Web Applications and Public Service Pension Centre found on DFO’s intranet site at:


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