Mental Health Week (May 6-12, 2013) – A Focus on Bullying and Mental Health in the Workplace

In his recent post, Mr. Todd Panas speaks out about the need for a shared commitment between union  and management to address bullying in the workplace and reduce toxic work environments for improved employee mental health and performance.

Mr. Todd Panas, President of the Union of Environment Workers Component has been a champion of respectful workplaces for his entire career.  As this is Mental Health Week (May 6-12, 2013), it is more important than ever to share Mr. Panas’s views and passionate approach to unions working together with management to reduce employee absenteeism and performance issues – issues that often have a root cause of harassment/bullying in the workplace.

Public servants are being scrutinized by the media and Treasury Board for their work attendance and use of sick leave.  Many statistics have been quoted, however the question of whether or not workers are ill because of toxic work environments isn’t being raised. This painting an unfair picture and is affecting public perception that government workers are somehow privileged. The reality however is far different for many workers.

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