Are you trying to decide how you should vote on the new collective agreement?

Rotha Lennox, President of Local 70713, shares her perspective…

Throughout the world, deficits are out of control and countries are looking to their public sector to reduce those deficits.

Britain has outlined a plan to cut the public sector by 490,000 jobs, and our neighbours to the south are facing catastrophic losses of jobs, homes and benefits.

In spite of the current financial and social climate, the PSAC bargaining team managed to ensure salary increases to help our members with their increased cost of living and they protected our jobs. Facing demands for concessions was inevitable but they managed (through tough negotiation) to enhance the package to the degree that our members will actually benefit from the negotiation during the most difficult times that they may face.

The PSAC recommends acceptance of the proposed contract and we need to understand that we are not exempt from the constraints that can be imposed on workers when financial conditions are as stringent as they are today. In my opinion, we are very fortunate to have a Union that is both perceptive and reasonable and we need to celebrate our job security and the salary increases that were negotiated.

The PSAC has been fighting for fairness and equality since its inception and today is no different but the union recognizes that our members are facing financial hardships that may be worsened if no agreement is reached. Job security appears to be the most important concern of our membership and we can have that for the next four years with the ratification of the proposed contract.

Rotha Lennox
President of Local 70713

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