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Worries about job losses

A number of media reports over the past few weeks that reference job losses have definitely raised anxiety levels.  It is important to keep all things in perspective during unsettling times but one of the most important facts to consider is this:  an affected position on an organization chart does not necessarily translate into an indeterminate employee being laid off.  The number of long-term employees retiring and other voluntary departures will leave job openings for employees who are in affected positions and employees who are on the priority list.

As positions are vacated, it is very likely that a number of those positions will not be filled.

It is understandable that change is frightening but we have to consider that change can be invigorating and positive. Your union Local team is ready and able and will be happy to talk to you about any of your fears and concerns so please do not hesitate to have a confidential conversation.

Rotha Lennox


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