Treasury Board plans job-swap site for public servants to ease cuts

Taken from an article printed in the Ottawa Citizen on March 6th

The Ottawa Citizen printed an article on Treasury Board’s plans for an online ‘jobs marketplace’ to allow job swaps between public servants facing layoffs and those who aren’t as part of departments’ strategy to manage spending cuts in the March 29 federal budget.

With swapping or “alternation,” public servants who are declared surplus and want to stay can swap positions with employees in similar jobs who want to go. Trades will be allowed between departments among employees who have similar jobs, pay and levels of bilingualism.

The proposed intranet site will be like a matchmaking service, bringing together employees who want to go with those who want to stay to trade jobs and get access to a cash package or education allowance. Employees can advertise their interest in swapping and managers can post the positions they have available.

A national committee is being put together with representatives from Treasury Board, Public Service Commission and unions to work out the details. Unions want employees to be able to access the list from computers away from the office.

“The reality is reductions are coming, and like in the 1990s, we have an obligation to make sure we look after our members,” said John Gordon (President of the PSAC). “I can tell you that in 1995 when 45,000 jobs were cut in the downsizing, at the end of the day, no one left who didn’t want to leave and the alternation process helped us reach this point.”

After the downsizing, unions negotiated a deal with Treasury Board to make swapping a permanent feature of the job security provisions of the workforce adjustment agreement (WFA) that’s now entrenched in employees’ contracts.

“We need this to lessen the impact of the cuts,” said Claude Poirier, president of the Canadian Association of Professional Employees…


The information above represents a selection of excerpts from the article: “Treasury Board plans job-swap site for public servants to ease cuts” , written by KATHRYN MAY, from The Ottawa Citizen, March 6, 2012. Read the full article.

Note to Members from Rotha Lennox, President of Local 70713:

Employees who receive surplus notices have several options that are outlined in the Workforce Adjustment Directive.  If employees have questions about their options, they can contact their Union representative and/or their HR advisor.


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