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Managing your Leave

Members will often come to the union for help when their leave bank is empty and they’re facing the receipt of a letter from the Employer that details the Terms and conditions of Employment.

This letter is not disciplinary in nature but should be a wake-up call that something is perceived as lacking in terms of performance or attendance. When someone cannot consistently make it to work on time or uses up their sick leave on a regular basis (usually sporadically), it’s often a symptom of a problem that is either medical or personal in nature. There are options for our members that are “outside of the box” and are proven to be very effective.

Please contact our Local if you are experiencing personal or medical issues that cause a gradual or rapid depletion of your leave bank and please do it before the leave bank is depleted. We can and will provide guidance and help and we can be your voice with Management and/or Human Resources Labour Relations. HR is management’s tool, your union is your tool.



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