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Message from the President – June 23, 2014

The Public Service Commission of Canada includes an investigations unit and the following website links will describe the functions that are performed therein:

Example of founded complaint:  Plagiarism

The plagiarism allegation that was founded is important because it is common for an examination candidate to copy and paste from a website that says exactly the answer that the potential Employer may be seeking.  In some circumstances, that may be allowable but read the pre-exam instructions clearly and, when in doubt, at a minimum, quote the source of the information that you provide and make it clear that you are not the author and that you are quoting an internet article – include the link.  Leave no opening for anyone to accuse you of plagiarism (claiming another author’s work as your own). 

Definition of plagiarism:

In terms of education, experience or other criteria DO NOT EXAGGERATE, BE ABLE TO PROVIDE PROOF OF ALL YOU ALLEGE TO BE TRUE on an application form.  There are many conditions that result in complaints being filed with the Public Service Commission – understand what circumstances can result in a complaint and avoid them.

The investigation process can be lengthy and is an anxious time for many employees who are uncertain of how to deal with a legal process that threatens their livelihood.  It is important to contact your union representative who can better explain the process and provide support for you throughout the process.  Additionally, contact your Employee Assistance Program in order to get help with effective coping mechanisms for anxiety and stress.  Do not delay.

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