Are you trying to decide how you should vote on the new collective agreement?

Rotha Lennox, President of Local 70713, shares her perspective…

Member Resources

Q’s and A’s on the Tentative Collective Agreement

In response to an overwhelming number of queries with regard to the tentative collective agreement posted on the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) website, please note the following:

Federal budget targets public service for cuts, PSAC will defend members, jobs, services

The March 4 federal budget freezes federal departmental spending.   The government announced they want to balance the budget on the backs of public service workers – a direct threat to our jobs and the services we deliver.

Member Resources

Leading by Example

Local 70713 volunteers and members helping out the people of Haiti. Tara Donaghy (a member and volunteer) orchestrated this effort for DFO.

President’s Report (Condensed Version)

Ratification Vote (Impact on Local Financial Reserve)

The Local had 84 RAND members and that number had to be reduced to almost nil in order for them to be allowed to vote.  The turnout for the vote and the eligible voter list was essential to success.  Our Local ended up with the most successful vote in the NCR.

Public Service Commission – Part II, Chapter 1: Leave of absence returnees/leave of absence replacements

Changing Times

Implementation of Local Programs and Services for Members (2009)

Employment Equity One-Day Workshop

English Session: November 26
French Session: November 24

Respecting Differences / Anti discrimination Workshop

English Session: October 22
French Session: October 28

Snapshot of Local 70713 Programs and Services In The Workplace