Community Resources

Where can you turn during your toughest times? This webpage contains links to programs and resources that are available in your community. If you or someone you know has fallen on hard times and could use a helping hand, this webpage provides links to resources that could help. If you know of any other programs or resources in your community that could help your fellow member, please let your Local Executive know and we will add it to the list below.

You just never know when a serious illness may hit or some other life event may make it impossible to work for a short or extended period of time. It can take weeks for Employment Insurance applications to be processed and there could be a waiting period with no coverage- and Sun Life will take at least 12 weeks. If a member finds themselves in crisis, without any sick leave left and with no source of income, they could get relief though programs such as the ones listed below. Members need only contact their union representative who can share more information on options and resources that are available in your area.

  1. The United Way – Turning Lives Around Program that deals with homelessness, helping people with mental health and addictions get the support they need, and providing support and treatment for people and families in crisis(

    Learn more about the United Way’s program that is helping to turn lives around…

  2. Destination: Home ( Home is a collaborative program that identifies housing and supports for more than 200 chronically homeless people – hitting the targets set by the Leadership Table on Homelessness in its 10-year plan.

    Learn more about the Destination: Home program…

  3. Ontario Works program sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services:

    This program can provide temporary financial assistance for necessities such as food and housing and in some cases other services like medical care.

  4. In Quebec: Compensation Program for Recipients of Last-resort Financial Assistance Who Are Homeless 

    Learn more about eligibility for this program…