How do you give? Try thinking outside of the box?

There are so many ways to give to those who are in need. We can support charities in a number of ways. Some of us make monthly contributions via credit card, some of us volunteer our time, some of us fundraise by participating in local run events, and others among us choose to donate gently used household items and toys to various charities. Perhaps you took advantage of the opportunity to give via payroll deduction to causes that you support during this year’s Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC) – a campaign that begins in September and is winding down now just as the Holiday season starts to ramp up.

You union Local 70713 Executive want to say ‘hats off’ to our philanthropic members and also flag a new and interesting way to give that is thinking “outside of the box”!

We are starting a new campaign and the challenge we are presenting to our members starts with something that you can get for free, just by going about your daily activities – so it requires no money out of your pocket. Here is how it works:

Do you shop at stores like Shoppers Drug Mart, Superstore, Your Independent Grocer, or the Bay? Do you collect ‘reward’ points? Do you collect points through Aeroplan or Airmiles?

Have you ever thought of cashing in those reward points to buy and donate gifts or food? Did you know that you can even donate airmiles/aeroplan points to charity?

We challenge you to think about donating in this way, and if you do decide to use some of your points to help others, we want you to share your story with Local 70713 and spread the word about this idea to friends and family. Share your story…

It is an easy way to give and a ‘rewarding’ one as well!

See a short list of some of the types of point programs that you could access for the benefit of others:

Aeroplan Miles


AIR MILES reward miles

Use your AIR MILES Cash Miles to support the causes that matter to you! You can donate to any registered charity in Canada – there are over 86,000 to choose from. Plus, you’ll get a tax receipt for your donation.

HBC Rewards Points

The greatest reward is reaching out to those in need. HBC has a unique responsibility in Canada as its founding company and we devote a great deal of effort to supporting Canadian communities.
We invite you to join us in making a difference by donating your Hudson’s Bay Rewards points to one of the charities we support. You’ll be giving back to your community and reaching out to those in need. For more information about a specific charity, click the charity name below or donate now.

Shoppers Optimum Program®

Donate your Shoppers Optimum Points to help! Donate your Shoppers Optimum
Points Use your PC Plus points to buy groceries and donate them to the food bank!