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PSAC secures improved Phoenix damages settlement

PSAC has reached an equitable settlement for 140,000 federal public service workers for compensation due to Phoenix damages.

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A mental health reminder

A relapse, a sudden series of attacks, a string of awful days (or whatever your step back may be), does not decrease your value.

Take your time, do some self-care, even if it’s just being proud that you got through another day. Reflect on the progress you’ve made.

You are strong: One step back is nothing when you look at the journey you’ve already made.

You aren’t alone.

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That Side of Depression

Why do people never talk about the part of depression when you just don’t want anything anymore? Everybody talks about when it hurts like hell, when you cry, when you cut, when you take drugs, when you break down. But no one ever talks about when you just lay down in your room, with a hole inside of you that you don’t know how to fill, and you don’t want to do anything even things you usually like. So, you just spend your day kinda waiting for it to end and it’s horrible because you feel empty and guilty for that at the same time.

Depression_8 Warning Signs You_eng

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Membership in Good Standing – new online form/process


please see the attachment:

MIGS status – new online form – ENG

Thank you

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Union Merger Vote

Brothers and Sisters

Please note there will be a Special Meeting of Union of Environment Workers (UEW) Local 70713 at 200 Kent St. 9W064, December 15th, 2016  at 11:50 a.m. to allow members to vote on the proposed merger of UEW and the National Health Union (NHU) to form a new Union of Health and Environment Workers.

Attached please find information related to the merger.  Additional information and context will be provided, with a brief question and answer session scheduled.

Yours in solidarity



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