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Affected Positions at DFO and Work Force Adjustment

Today many of our members met with management about the latest on Strategic Review impacts to about 400 positions within Fisheries and Oceans Canada across the country.  Some of our members here in Ottawa will also have received notices today that their positions have been “affected”.  Your Union Local understands that receiving such a notice can be very stressful and cause a lot of anxiety about the future.
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Workplace Health and Disability: A Guide for Employees and Those Supporting Them

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Strategic Review

The recent announcement from our Deputy Minister about DFO’s Strategic Review that outlined some of the changes to departmental programs, services, and business practices has some members concerned and anxious about the future – particularly the staffing reductions that will be part of those changes.

I understand that many of our members are anxious about how these changes may affect them or their colleagues.  I want to reassure our members that I will be following this process closely to ensure that all Workforce Adjustment provisions and our collective agreements are being respected and adhered to.

The Local will be holding an information session to talk more about the WorkForce Adjustment directives so that our members understand the process.  I believe that better understanding your rights and the process involved will help relieve some of the anxieties that I know are out there.

On a personal note, I want to say that I am confident that the Department will honour their commitment to address most of the upcoming staff reductions through natural attrition (retirements, etc.) Deployment and other measures.  Keep in mind that the primary goal of WFA is to ensure continuous indeterminate employment.  I will also be working closely with the DFO’s Labour Relations to help ensure reasonable job offers for our affected members.

An invitation to attend our Local information session on Work Force Adjustment will be sent to you in the next week or so.  Please join me there to learn more about WFA and to share your feelings or ask any questions.

Rotha Lennox, President of Local 70713

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Work Force Adjustment (WFA) – Message from the President

I know that many of our members have concerns about the current Work Force Adjustment and may have questions about the process and outcomes that could affect them.  As part of my commitment to keep our members informed, I have provided a few highlights on the WFA Directive below as well as links to important information.

Although the processes and entitlements in the case of Work Force Adjustment may vary depending on the collective agreement, it is important to keep in mind is that the primary objective of Work Force Adjustment (WFA) is: continued employment for indeterminate employees affected by workforce adjustment situations.

The WFA Directive is detailed and lengthy as it deals with very important aspects of continued employment for indeterminate employees in situations where positions are abolished.

Here are some of the highlights:

  1. As a general rule, indeterminate employees in affected situations will receive a reasonable job offer (exceptions to this general rule must adhere to stingent rules).
  2. A reasonable job offer is usually at the same salary level and in the same demographic location.
  3. Term/casual employees are not protected by the WFA Directive.
  4. Unions will be notified of affected positions as early as possible.

For further discussion or if you have additional questions, please contact Rotha Lennox at

Important Links:

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Worries about job losses

A number of media reports over the past few weeks that reference job losses have definitely raised anxiety levels.  It is important to keep all things in perspective during unsettling times but one of the most important facts to consider is this:  an affected position on an organization chart does not necessarily translate into an indeterminate employee being laid off.  The number of long-term employees retiring and other voluntary departures will leave job openings for employees who are in affected positions and employees who are on the priority list.

As positions are vacated, it is very likely that a number of those positions will not be filled.

It is understandable that change is frightening but we have to consider that change can be invigorating and positive. Your union Local team is ready and able and will be happy to talk to you about any of your fears and concerns so please do not hesitate to have a confidential conversation.

Rotha Lennox


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Jack Layton’s Passing

Jack Layton’s passing was a great loss not only to union and social activists but to the world.  The Prime Minister approved a State Funeral for good reason and it was a well-deserved honor for Mr. Layton’s family.  His voice of reason in Parliament will be sadly missed and his tireless crusade for social causes will leave a void to be filled.

Watching the funeral on television with tears flowing freely, it was apparent that we not only lost a great leader with intelligence, charisma and charm but we lost a free spirit.  That was the greater loss from my perspective.


Rotha Lennox


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Severance Termination Payment – What you need to know

Notice to Employees of the Program Administration (PA) Group and the Education and Library Science (EB) Group)

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Negotiations for a new Collective Agreement for TC members at Treasury Board are underway.

The PSAC TC bargaining team exchanged proposals with the Employer on April 29, 2011.

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Ask a Lifecoach!

Lifecoach Jackie Lee Agnew can share with you some proven, simple, straightforward ways to take responsibility for everything that has and is happening in your business or personal life. Send your questions to Jackie Lee Agnew at: or visit her website at: (website is English only)

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New collective agreements signed for PA and EB groups. What happens now?

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