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Disability Insurance and Medical Retirement

The following website links will provide you with the information you need in order to be well informed about disability insurance and medical retirement:

If you become disabled, and your claim is approved by the insurer, your monthly benefits will equal 70% of your insured annual salary. Benefits under DI or LTD begin once you have used up all your sick leave and provided that you have met a minimum waiting period of 13 weeks. Benefits continue for as long as you meet the test of total disability under the plan. If you are permanently disabled, your DI or LTD benefits will continue until you reach age 65.  Continue reading

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Disability Insurance – what you need to know!

“Disability Insurance (DI) Benefits”/ “Who is eligible to receive DI benefits?”

According to the plan, you are eligible to receive benefits for up to 24 months if you become totally disabled (i.e., you are in a continuous state of incapacity due to illness or injury and are prevented from performing the duties of your regular occupation).

The 90-day elimination period does not mean that your claim will be approved in 90 days – that is the elimination period that must pass before your claim is considered “active.” This means you will not be covered by Disability Insurance for the first 90 days, and may or may not be covered thereafter. Continue reading

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Information for Members on the Performance Management Initiative: A Local Perspective

Performance Management Program – What is it?

The Performance Management initiative has been advertised as a tool for managers to use in order to establish realistic expectations for employees – expectations that are to be defined, measurable and achievable. Continue reading

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Message from the President of Local 70713, Rotha Lennox Canada’s Working Class

I wanted to share with our members a recent article featured in the Ottawa Citizen that talks about Canada’s working class. The author shares his thoughts about the Temporary Foreign Workers program in Canada and its implications for the Canadian working class.  Continue reading

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Bill C-4: What does this mean for unions and workplace health and safety?

The government recently tabled Bill C-4, the “2013 Budget Implementation Act, Part 2.” Bill C-4 weakens collective bargaining rights in the federal public service and has implications for the health and safety of workers under federal jurisdiction. Continue reading

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The 3 R’s & The 3 A’s – Feeling Keys

One of the most important tool – ever! This stuff really should be taught in schools.
This is an awesome tool when someone is having problems coming to terms with uncomfortable feelings, which applies to almost everyone at some time or another.. Continue reading

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We are all affected!

We are all affected! Two lunchtime sessions are being provided for the purpose of the Local President or an associate to discuss the current phase of the “We Are All Affected” campaign and the importance of re-pledging to the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

The campaign information and the pledge cards will be available at those sessions and we hope to see you then – the locations and times follow:

  • Thursday October 17 in room 13W131 at 12:00pm
  • Thursday October 24 in room 5E257 at 12:00pm

Read more on how you can get involved and show your support…

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New Stats Can data confirms PSAC analysis: gap between private and public sector sick days insignificant

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TC Members Ratify New Agreement with Treasury Board

The ballots have been counted and a majority of members of the Technical Services (TC) group have voted in favour of the tentative agreement with Treasury Board. After two years of bargaining, PSAC and Treasury Board finally agreed to the settlement in August.

The new Collective Agreement will be retroactive to June 22, 2011, and will expire on June 21, 2014.

The TC Bargaining Team would like to thank all TC members for their patience and support during this long and difficult round of bargaining.

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Do you want to exchange positions? We could help you

The job exchange allows a person declared “opting” in the context of a work force adjustment to exchange their job for that of another employee who wishes to leave the public service.

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