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That Side of Depression

Why do people never talk about the part of depression when you just don’t want anything anymore? Everybody talks about when it hurts like hell, when you cry, when you cut, when you take drugs, when you break down. But no one ever talks about when you just lay down in your room, with a hole inside of you that you don’t know how to fill, and you don’t want to do anything even things you usually like. So, you just spend your day kinda waiting for it to end and it’s horrible because you feel empty and guilty for that at the same time.

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Workplace Stress

Managers can be open to the concept of flexible hours and to temporarily reassigning work when they see symptoms of stress.  Additionally, they can encourage an open dialogue about the employee’s needs and attempt to work with the employee through a difficult time.  Many stress-related circumstances are temporary in nature.

Mental Health

Mental Health Strategies – Videos

The Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace has a website that contains a lot of helpful and interesting information on creating mental health strategies in the workplace.

The link below features a number of short videos that deal with these issues and may be helpful to members who affected by friends, family or co-workers who are struggling with mental health problems, or may themselves be dealing with their own mental health issues.