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Life Coaching at 70713

Life coaching services are an essential element of Local 70713’s pilot project focused on a holistic approach.

Although we offer union counseling, there are times when our members require a different kind of support and to meet those needs a life coach is brought in to help those members in need.

What is Life coaching?  Life coaching is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – basically a talking therapy that is aimed at increasing human happiness. Through conversation, people are helped to understand why they find themselves in their current situation and then to find strategies, motivations and focus to design and move towards new, better situations.

Life coaching differs from counseling in that it is primarily focused on the present and the future. It may be necessary to look back to find the route causes of some unhelpful thinking patterns, and then untie some knots, but then we come back to the “where are we now?” and the “where do we want to go?”.

These services are often used for members who need to transition back to work after experiencing a trauma in their workplace or in their personal lives.  The life coach helps the member to develop practical strategies for making that transition, coping with the day-to-day emotions involved, and basically to make a plan and move forward in their lives.

Local 70713 currently utilizes the services of a certified life coach, Jackie Lee Agnew, who is also a motivational speaker and hosts a regular radio call-in segment called Coach’s Couch on MyFM every Sunday between 4 and 5pm.  Tune in and join Jackie with Chris Kyte. 

There are many great success stories of members who worked with Jackie and have successfully transitioned back to work and gotten their lives back on track.

After suffering traumas and finding themselves hopeless and distraught, our members who have used this service are now moving forward with their lives with new hope and positive outlooks to the future.  We are proud to say that our life coach has helped to make that possible.

Jackie’s credentials include:

  • Social Service Worker, Algonquin College
  • Suicide First Aid-ASSIST Course
  • Self Improvement Mastermind Alliance – coaching certification 10 month online coaching course.
  • Mind Over Mood Coaching Certificate – Algonquin College
  • School Support Counselor and Partner Assault Liaison (since Sept 2006)


  • Tenant Relations Coordinator with Renfrew County Housing
  • Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

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