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What is the Value of an Active Local for You?

What is the value of an active Local for you?


The Local is:

  • The equivalent of management’s Human Resource Labour Relations team;
  • The member’s resource when personal problems or medical problems interfere with the ability to perform at the same capacity as in the past;
  • After a lengthy absence, the Local provides assistance to facilitate an effective and safe return to work with the member’s interests superseding the financial interests of the insurance company;
  • The member’s source of information and assistance when situations occur that require impartial assistance through a difficult personal time;
  • The member’s resource for protection in Duty to Accommodate situations;
  • The member’s resource for protection when reorganizations occur and tenure is threatened;
  • The member’s resource for information and protection when legislative changes occur that threaten a members ongoing livelihood;
  • The member’s resource when harassment, bullying or abuse of authority occurs;
  • The member’s resource when discrimination occurs;
  • A friend to their membership no matter what the circumstance is;
  • The member’s source of advice and support through the grievance steps.

Union Counseling

All consultations are private and no member information is shared even with members of the Local Executive.
Consultations can occur off-site and even on weekends.
All calls for advice or assistance are answered within 24 hours.

No member is without a friend

When problems occur, Managers go to Human Resources!
When problems occur, Employees go to the
Your Local 70713 is there for you when it counts.

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