Sometimes Bad Things Happen to Good People…Being a Member of Union Local 70713 is Your Best Interest

A message from Rotha Lennox, President of Local 70713

Union Membership is like an insurance policy…

How many people would buy a house or a car and not insure it against accidental loss or circumstances beyond your control? Being part of a union is no different than insuring the income that provides the means to buy and maintain those material things.

When your job is at risk…

Your union is that insurance against wrongful dismissal and harassment. Even with the worst case scenario, when the job is no longer going to be there for you, the union negotiates a duration of time (that exceeds anything in private industry) to find another job and ensures that you will have help to market your resumé and that it will be posted in all other government departments as a priority. The union contract ensures that you have the opportunity to seek educational endeavours that will further or change your career path if that is how you choose to proceed. In lay-off situations, you won’t leave without a package that greatly decreases your risk of financial disaster.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people…

In the years that I have been representing members, my largest client base has been members with 15-25 years of service. Bad things happen to good people sometimes and it only takes one change of management for life at work to become intolerable. Often times employees will try to run from the situation either by searching for employment elsewhere or may find themselves on medical leave due to the stress. There are number of ways that that these types of circumstances can be dealt with…Local 70713 is committed to working on your your behalf to ensure that you are provided a harassment-free work environment. Our success stories are many and almost all are resolved without requiring official action.

Are you afraid of what might happen if you contacted the Union with a problem at work?

Then you aren’t alone…The most recent Public Service Survey results showed that 70% of respondents indicated that they feared reprisal if they consulted their union. Local 70713 is taking this issue very seriously and is working to create a culture shift – one that will allow all members to feel comfortable seeking assistance from their union on workplace issues without having to fear reprisal from management.

Contact your Local for help

Regardless of the circumstances, no member should need to go on sick leave or medical benefits to avoid a conflict in the workplace. It’s a terrible decision financially and in terms of both your mental and physical well-being. Alternatives are available and only a telephone call or e-mail away.

All consultations are confidential and the member chooses the path forward and how much information is shared.


The Local also has a Life Coach who can offer advice in many complicated circumstances and the response time is very quick.

Contact information:
For urgent matters only,call (613) 349-5356

Rotha Lennox,
Local 70713


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