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Disability Insurance – Step by Step

Disability Insurance: Information for PSAC Members

Do you need help with a Disability Insurance (DI) Claim?

• Often problems related to DI claims can be prevented through counselling provided by your departmental or agency human resources office. You should get most of your information from them.

• The PSAC as your union tries to help our members understand the complexities of the Disability Insurance Plan. We also explain who does what in the union, and how to contact them.

• PSAC represents members with DI claims. You do not have to pay union dues while off work on DI.

• The Disability Insurance (DI) Group Policy No. 12500-G between Treasury Board as policy holder and Sun Life explains what is covered. Information is available on the Treasury Board website.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions on the key areas where members have difficulties getting benefits.

1.Am I covered by the Disability Insurance (DI) Plan?

2.What is covered ?

3. How long will benefit payments last?

4.What if my disability is work-related?

5.Who else should I inform?

6.Do I have to continue to pay my contributions to the plan while I’m off work?

7.How long will it take?

8.How much will my DI payments be?

9.How can I ensure my claim gets processed as quickly as possible?

10.What do I do if my claim is rejected?

11.What if my appeal is rejected?

12.What are my other options (e.g. return to work, retirement)?

13.What are the various benefit entitlements?


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