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Ask a Life Coach: Performance Appraisals


Dear Jackie Lee,

I just received my yearly performance appraisal and it wasn’t as good as I had hoped. There were a lot of areas I am expected to improve on, that I thought I was doing great at. I work hard but now I feel like I just want to quit.

How could my manager do this?

I’ve talked with my co-workers, and they feel that I am being treated unfairly as well.

What do I do?




Dear Luc,

Oh boy. You just have to love the yearly performance appraisal.

Your first mistake is that you are taking the feedback personally and negatively. You need to turn it around. First of all, I would focus on the areas you are excelling at and give yourself a pat on the back. Secondly, take the appraisal and actually read the feedback you received on those areas that your manager feels you need to work on. Then be honest with yourself and ask the hard questions: Could I do better? Could I have put more effort in these areas? How do I improve?

Have you thought that your manager may be trying to encourage you to try different things or maybe to think outside of the box?

What you may want to do is set up an appointment with your manager. Go over each point and make note of things you think you did well and what he/she expects. Ask “How can I improve in this area?” Remember it is all “Constructive” criticism. Do not let your ego get in the way – this is your opportunity to grow and improve.

You also mentioned that you talked to your co-workers first and of course they agreed with you – they wouldn’t tell you they agree with the “boss” now would they? Best way to let negative comments get out of control is to ask someone’s opinion on them. Boy talk about adding fuel to the fire.

Go talk to your manager. Tell them that you would like to make a plan to move forward and improve. Listen to his/her advice and then put that advice into action!

Good Luck,

Jackie Lee




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